Turners Falls

The Village of Turners Falls, located on the Connecticut River in the Town of Montague, was developed as a planned industrial community in the late 1800's. The site of the village is also significant in Native American History as it was one of the few places in the region where northern tribes, which relied on hunting and gathering, and southern agricultural people gathered to fish, trade, worship, socialize, and share their cultures. Downtown Turners Falls is a registered National Historic District featuring distinctive 19th century architecture. The village is home to a number of working artist studios, The Shea Theatre, The Hallmark Museum of Contemporary Photography and The Great Falls Discovery Center which interprets the Connecticut River Watershed's rich natural, cultural and industrial history.  Turners Falls also has great outdoor recreation opportunities with a waterfront bike path and easy access to Barton's Cove, Northfield Mountain, and The Montague Plains.