Shelburne Falls

How often can you drive into a town and find it not to be a town at all, but actually two towns meeting at river's edge. Connected just a little above Salmon Falls by the world renowned Bridge of Flowers, Buckland and Shelburne become the picturesque Shelburne Falls. The Bridge of Flowers, an arched trolley bridge testifies to the ingenuity of the Yankee women. When the trolleys stopped running the Shelburne Falls Women's Club transformed the beautiful bridge into a garden of blooming profusion from spring to fall. Of geological interest are the glacial potholes located below the Salmon Falls. The falls so named after the silvery Salmon who years ago tirelessly navigated this river each spring, passed the potholes and leaped up the steep falls to their ancient spawning grounds. The Historical Society houses a museum in the Arms Academy building. The first Yale locks were made in Shelburne by Linus Yale.