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We would appreciate it if you linked your site to ours. Here's a logo to use on your site. Simply copy it and add it to your site, linked to If you are a member and would like to advertise on this site, here are some of your options:

  • Display ads - located on one of the following pages - Town Profiles, Calendar listings, State Parks and MA Visitors info. Links to your site. Size: Vertical - 150x230 pixels.
  • Logo or graphic added to your listing - add a photo or your logo to your listing. Links to your site.
  • Web Shot - a home page created within the Mohawk Trail site to offer members who do not have an existing site to participate on the web. Your address would look like this: business. Email is not included unless you have your own email address.

Contact for prices and additional information.

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The Mohawk Trail Association is an all-volunteer organization that can always use new members. Membership includes a listing in our brochure, which is distributed world wide, a listing and link to this website as well as other benefits of the organization.

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