Williamstown Public Library 150th Anniversary Film Series: The Neverending Story

Where better to begin the Williamstown Public Library 150th Anniversary Film Series, which explores the transformative power of reading, with this story about a lonely young boy with a love of books who becomes drawn into a timeless world of fabulous creatures? Wolfgang Peterson's The NeverEnding Story celebrates the particular way that books allow you to build worlds around yourself. Our main character Bastian ducks into a book story to avoid school bullies only to be saddles with a great responsibility. As he imagines himself the hero of the story, reading becomes an engine for maturation and growth.
Free. Accessible seats available; for information, call 413 549 0524.
It is the Clark's pleasure to celebrate the sesquicentennial of the Williamstown Library. On March 9, 1874, the town of Williamstown approved a free public library for its residents. 150 years later, the library continues to enrich the town, making it an interesting, vibrant, active, and involved community. Several months of anniversary celebrations will be held during 2024, including this film series celebrating the transformative power of reading. For a full schedule of events, visit the library’s website.

Other in the Series:

Princess Bride  -Thursday, March 14th

Fahrenheit 451- Thursday, March 21st

84 Charing Cross Road -Thursday, March 28th

Adaptation -Thursday, April 4th

Image: The NeverEnding Story, Wolfgang Petersen, 1984