Shades of Gray - A Civil War Era Camp Band

Come hear American Civil War Era songs in our historical setting.
From rousing patriotic songs to lovely ballads, this music expresses the hopes and longings of a nation at war with itself.
This concert celebrates the recent donation of a fife to The Adams Historical Society that was played during the Civil War by Judge Bullard, a member of the G.A.R. Post 126 in Adams.


Shades of Gray portrays an American Civil War era camp band, playing a mix of 19th century, old time and camp fire songs.  The band got its start as a group of Confederate Civil War reenactors.  The band plays a mix of military and civilian songs both north and south.  Historically, the camp band was an integral part of camp life for the Civil War era soldier. Shades of Gray had its beginnings as most camp bands of the era would have, with soldiers coming together around the camp fire to swap stories and sing songs.