New Restorations Film Series: All That Money Can Buy

New Restorations Film Series: All That Money Can Buy Auditorium

Set in 1840s rural New Hampshire, Faustian gothic fantasy All That Money Can Buy (aka The Devil and Daniel Webster) centers around down-on-his-luck farmer Jabez Stone (James Craig). His desperation leads him to a seven-year deal with the devil, known as “Mr. Scratch” (an impish Walter Huston). Though great success awaits Stone immediately following this cursed contractual relationship, his fortune is won only through a nimbus of darkness and greed that swiftly finds his life—and his moral center—unraveling. Adjacent to Stone is the plight of the lauded congressman and orator Daniel Webster (Edward Arnold), who too is wooed by Mr. Scratch into selling his soul to win the presidency. The convergence of the lives of Webster and Stone stretches their tale beyond its simplistic roots and into a knotty narrative that speaks to state of America then and now.
Free. Accessible seats available; for information, call 413 458 0524.
Image: Everett Collection

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