Jeremy Sinkus: Geo Modern, Subterranean Designs in Glass

Jeremy Sinkus: Geo Modern, Subterranean Designs in Glass Shelburne Falls, MA glass artist Jeremy Sinkus brings to the gallery a collection of glassworks showcasing the possibilities of the medium. Using a variety of techniques, flame working, metal fuming and deposition, cold working, welding, laminating and casting, the glass is manipulated into artworks
reminiscent of geological forms in nature.

Sinkus, long fascinated with the infinite geometric permutations of minerals, considers glassmaking the human expression of the geological process.  Experimenting with hot glass, flame working, and later with cast glass, enables Sinkus to make more authentic
mineral designs, allowing him to sculpt the glass more precisely. In his own words:

“Cast glass has taught me patience and channels a version of a 100,000,000 year geological process. This body of work provided for my participation in an art form that would otherwise only be a geological event.
My geological designs have reconnected me to the gem and mineral world.”

The artist works in a Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts glassblowing studio, entirely powered by a waterfall on the adjacent Deerfield River. He has shown extensively in the US and abroad, and has been featured in many