James Turrell: C.A.V.U.

James Turrell: C.A.V.U. James Turrell: C.A.V.U.

I can make the sky any color you choose.” — James Turrell

Thirty years in the making, James Turrell’s largest free-standing circular Skyspace — titled C.A.V.U. — is now open on the MASS MoCA campus. Measuring 40 feet in diameter and 40 feet high, this repurposed concrete water tank transforms into one of Turrell’s signature immersive light installations, carving out a small piece of the sky and framing it as a canvas with infinite depth. C.A.V.U. joins the exhibition Into the Light, a long-term retrospective of Turrell’s work that currently includes nine light installations, making MASS MoCA the only North American institution offering a comprehensive overview of the artist’s career.

 C.A.V.U. is open during museum hours with no reservations required. During mid-day, the dome will be sealed and the space will be transformed into a tightly-controlled multisensory environment, with light projected across the cylindrical interior walls and domed ceiling, and sound altered by the contours of the architecture.

During limited days, at dawn and dusk, the oculus in the ceiling of C.A.V.U. will be open, framing the changing colors of the twilight or early morning sky while subtle interior lighting creates the illusion that the heavens are just beyond the viewer’s grasp.

C.A.V.U. At Dawn and Dusk

Limited Thursday-Sunday reservations for James Turrell: C.A.V.U. (Skyspace) at dawn and dusk are available on a rolling basis. Please note, C.A.V.U. is also open during museum hours with no reservations required.

Due to ongoing maintenance on C.A.V.U.’s oculus dawn and dusk experiences are suspended until further notice. C.A.V.U. is open during museum hours with no reservations required.