Bolcom & Moris - Mohawk Trail Concerts

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The annual visit of these consummate artists and particular friends of MTC is always a joyous occasion. This year along with eagerly anticipated Theatre and Cabaret favorites Bill and Joan will premiere his MiniCabs, a miniscule cabaret songs, perform a group by John Corigliano, and from a new recording, reminiscences of WWII. With special guest the brilliant composer / pianist Gabriela Lena Frank and Estela Olevsky they together survey many fascinating cultural aspects of South American music. Frank is Peruvian and has devoted much of her prolific composition work to exploring her own heritage of Andean Music.

Annual Supper & Barbecue - As in summers past the Charlemont Federated Church will host a hoe cooked gourmet meal before this concerts.

Dinner will be served from 5:30 to 6:45 pm: space is limited, so amke your reservation early for this popular community event by calling (413) 339-4294