Annaleah Moon Gregoire: Unpleasantly Beautiful

Annaleah Moon Gregoire: Unpleasantly Beautiful Mixed media artist Annaleah Moon Gregoire of Greenfield, Massachusetts makes sculptures that investigate and explore the boundaries between physicality, emotion, and technology.

Gregoire references historical and contemporary medical and scientific documents to portray both the physical and emotional complexity that makes us human.  Unpleasantly Beautiful illuminates the uncomfortable and honest pain of healing by deconstructing anatomy layer by layer, using etched glass to communicate these complex layers.

In the artists own words: “By peeling back layers of flesh and bone, I am able to freely investigate the dualities of the interior and exterior as well as the grotesque and beautiful.  I find beauty in looking at the remnants of transformation – what is present yet invisible, what rots over time, and what invokes a visceral reaction.”

Gregoire earned a BFA in sculpture from the California College of Arts in 2021 and is currently involved with teaching art in both private and public settings.  She also works as a freelance artist and runs a small apparel business featuring her illustrations.