Adams Free Summer Movie: Clifford the Big Red Dog

Adams Free Summer Movie: Clifford the Big Red Dog Clifford the Big Red Dog is a 2021 live-action animated fantasy comedy film directed by Walt Becker from a screenplay by Blaise Hemingway and the writing team of Jay Scherick and David Ronn, and a story by Justin Malen and Ellen Rapoport, based on the children's book series of the same name by Norman Bridwell. The film stars Jack Whitehall, Darby Camp, Tony Hale, Sienna Guillory, David Alan Grier, Russell Wong, Izaac Wang, Kenan Thompson and John Cleese.[8]

n New York City, Emily Elizabeth Howard, a 12-year-old middle school student who lives with her English mother, Maggie, is regularly bullied by a popular girl at school named Florence, but finds comfort in her only new friend Owen Yu. Maggie leaves her in the care of her van-dwelling and irresponsible uncle Casey before going to Chicago for a business trip.

Mr. Bridwell, who runs an animal rescue tent at a park, introduces Emily to a small red puppy whose family had been taken by dogcatchers. He tells her that the puppy will grow based on how much love he receives. Casey rejects the adoption due to dogs not being allowed in the apartment building. When Emily gets home from school, she finds the puppy in her backpack and names him Clifford. Casey allows her to keep Clifford only for one night.

The next morning, Clifford has grown to giant proportions. Emily and Casey attempt to hide him from the building's superintendent, Mr. Packard. They try taking Clifford to a veterinarian, but he ends up destroying the weight scale. Later on, he chases and plays with a man in an inflatable bubble. Word of his existence quickly spreads online. After learning from the vet's secretary of Bridwell's past miracles with animals and their owners, the Howards plan to get information on his whereabouts. As Emily is getting Clifford lunch from the cafeteria, Clifford escapes from Casey's truck and humiliates Florence by licking her, giving Emily the friends she always wanted.

Zac Tieran, the owner of biotechnology company Lyfegro, is shown a photo of Clifford from social media by his assistant Colette. Wanting to discover the secret of the dog's stature and help his failing firm, Zac contacts the police, falsely claiming to have genetically engineered Clifford, and leads a citywide manhunt for him. Emily and Casey are evicted from their apartment by Packard (who Zac also tipped off) and pursued by the cops and Lyfegro henchmen after the former refuses the businessman's bribe. Owen and Emily escape with Clifford in her Uncle's van, while several of their neighbours successfully fend off Tieran's bodyguards. All three later take shelter in Owen's lavish apartment, where Casey tells his niece that Clifford can stay with her, provided they locate Bridwell and have him shrink the dog down to his original size. If he can't be found or can't help, Clifford must be sent away to Shanghai, where Owen's father, Mr. Yu, owns an enormous animal sanctuary. They race to the hospital, only to find Bridwell's empty bed and a patient who tells them Bridwell has died. Out of options, the two contact Mr. Yu, who arranges for a tugboat to take Clifford to China. After Emily bids her companion a tearful goodbye, it sails away under the cover of night.

The next day, the ship is intercepted by law enforcement on order of Zac Tieran; Clifford is airlifted and kidnapped via helicopter to Lyfegro. Emily soon learns that a different person also named Bridwell has died, meaning the real Bridwell still alive, so she and Casey try to save Clifford from being experimented on at Lyfegro, once again aided by friends from their neighborhood. They break into Lyfegro's headquarters and rescue Clifford, who then flees through the city with Emily riding on him.

At Manhattan Bridge Park, Emily reunites with Bridwell and desperately seeks his aid as a large crowd gathers. He tells her he can't make Clifford small again as it was her love that made him big. Bridwell advises Emily to advocate for Clifford and herself, and that being different is a gift. Emily explains to everyone the importance of love, regardless of differences. However, Tieran, who arrived right after Emily finished her monologue, orders the police chief to see who Clifford's owner is by scanning an ID chip his scientists secretly implanted earlier. When the chip identifies Emily as Clifford's rightful owner, the chief informs Tieran that he will be fined for lying to them and wasting police resources. Emily and Casey reunite with Maggie and Packard reverses the family's eviction, making Clifford his new assistant. Casey finally leaves his van and goes to work for Scholastic Corporation. He, Emily, and Packard paint a large mural of Clifford which resembles his hand-drawn counterpart, implying that Casey's new job will be authoring and illustrating fictional books about Clifford. In addition, NYC residents band together to build him a giant doghouse.

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