Painting With De-Light: Photography of Jim Gambaro

Date: July 2, 2021 - August 29, 2021


Phone: 4136259833
Website (click here)
Salmon Falls Gallery
One Ashfield Street
Shelburne Falls, MA 01370

Artist's Statement
I have always looked for subjects and lighting that stimulate the child's “wow” factor in my mind's eye, zeroing in on details small and large, on landscapes both natural and constructed, and on places far and close to home. In other words, on anything and everything that catches my attention. This exhibit spans a dozen years of work, as I move further and further into abstract exploration. My inclination has always been to play with images, to have fun, initially employing minimal and, more recently, considerable computer-aided abstraction with a focus on eye- and mind-stimulating color and compositions.
The advent of the digital medium as I reached retirement age opened up whole new realms of exploration. It provided the tools – digital cameras and computers and software -  to better communicate what I saw in my mind. Besides appealing to my inner child in search of instant photographic gratification, digital capture has enabled me to work my images ever more freely and fully. I can also revisit earlier work in film through digital scans, getting a second byte of the Apple, so to speak, and discovering new images inside the old. Good times!
If the images in this exhibit manage to convey some of the pleasure I experienced in their creation, I consider them successful. If viewers enjoy seeing them, but fail to extract some deeper insights or questions regarding the “meaning of it all,” then they are properly tuned to my message.


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