Spice Root Modern Indian Cuisine

A Modern Indian Cuisine Restaurant in the heart of Williamstown . . .

India's history is as rich and colorful as its food. A land of centuries - old traditions, many faiths, and a plethora of languages and dialects, India's culture never fails to mesmerize or its food to tantalize.

Exquisite Modern Indian Cuisine

SPICE ROOT Restaurant is located on Spring Street in Williamstown, MA, adjacent to the Williams College campus, in the heart of downtown Williamstown. The Spice Root Restaurant has become a Berkshire County dining favorite for both residents and visitors alike, seeking quality, freshly prepared Indian Cuisine. Whether your travels bring you to the Berkshires on business or vacation, a stop at the Spice Root Restaurant is a must.

Spice Root, is a modern Indian Restaurant with an open, attractive, tangerine interior with two full bay windows and a 16-foot, L-shaped bar. The Spice Root Restaurant is a comfortable setting for lunch or dinner for two, or a group.

If you are new to Indian cuisine and do not know what to order, try our luncheon buffet, featuring both vegetarian and non-vegetarian specialties.

Land of Rich Tastes

Indian food is characterized by a masala of spices - from cardamom and coriander to chilies, giving Indian food its rich, distinctive flavor and aroma.