Arthur A. Smith Bridge

The original Arthur A. Smith Bridge was a single lane bridge built in 1868 which served as a main crossover for the North River in the western portion of the town for 120 years. The bridge was named for Civil War Union Army veteran Arthur A. Smith whose land was the site of that first bridge. Replaced in 1951 by another wooden structure, it in turn was removed in 1991 to dry land by oxen team in preparation for an extensive restoration. The 99 foot bridge was added to the National Register of Historical Places in 1983. Fully restored in 2007 it is open for pedestrian traffic. From Rt. 2 on the east side of the Deerfield River, take Rt. 112 north to the section of Colrain known as Lyonsville, turn left on Lyonsville Road and you will see the bridge.