Extreme Nature!

Date: November 10, 2018 - February 3, 2019


Phone: 413-458-2303
Website (click here)
The Clark
225 South Street
Williamstown, MA 01267

Extreme Nature! explores how nature’s extremes—remote, fantastical, and unpredictable—permeated artistic imagery throughout the nineteenth century. Influenced by the rise of popular science, artists examined everything from volatile weather patterns and the stars to the Earth’s most cavernous depths. Documentary images of fires and floods enabled viewers to see nature’s destructive power from a distance, while other artists pushed beyond nature’s known boundaries to imagine its limitless possibilities. Featuring more than thirty-five prints, drawings, and photographs, this exhibition reveals how artists sought to mitigate nature’s dangers, transforming the hazardous and remote into awe-inspiring portrayals of natural phenomena.


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